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If you are interested in contacting me, please choose one of the following methods:

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  • For queries about this blog or to contact me personally:
    • Chris (at sign) ChrisGammell (dot) com
      • If you’re selling something or want to write “guest posts”, I don’t care to hear from you.
  • For queries about my podcast The Amp Hour:
    • Chris (at sign) TheAmpHour (dot) com
  • For queries about my course Contextual Electronics:
    • Chris (at sign) ContextualElectronics (dot) com
  • For queries about professional work (including hiring me as a consultant via my company Analog Life LLC), please contact me at:
    • Chris (at sign) analoglife (dot) co (not dot com!)
  • At this point, you can probably figure out my very secretive method for future projects’ emails…