Introduction to my CNC Setup

This video is showing all of the gear I purchased in preparation for getting my CNC mill up and running. This video shows just about everything¬†except the mill, which will arrive tomorrow. Check out the links below to see all of the stuff I bought, in the event you’d like to purchase some or all of the same gear.

Many thanks to everyone who helped me along so far! I really appreciate it, even though I can’t take everyone’s advice all at once. I hope things continue to get more exciting!


  1. welcome to video blogging. I’m sure Dave welcomes the competition. Oh that’s right, there’s Chip Report TV isn’t there….. or is there?! :)

    • Thanks Bill! I knew it had to be around there somewhere! :-)

  2. Hey Chris, congrats on your purchase! Now that you are one of us, you have to join the taigtools Yahoo group and the Taig Owners Club (

    Jeff, owner of Soigeneris, is also an active member of the TOC. Highly recommend that you join and take a look at what others have done on the forum.

  3. Where did you get all those fancy bits? And aluminum materials?

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