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1st Radio Show With Dave Jones of EEVBlog!

So I’m very pleased to announce an inaugural episode of what we hope will be a regular “radio” show with Dave Jones of EEVblog. I got in touch with Dave about doing an interview for my series on the electronics food chain, as many others have in the past few weeks. Instead, we decided we could try taking it to the air and maybe try out a radio-type format.

To any EEVBlog members arriving on this page for the first time, welcome! I really dig the community that has risen up around Dave and his video blog and how supportive they are of one another on the forums there. For anyone who has not yet been to Dave’s site, I highly recommend watching and/or downloading some of the videos and joining the forums.

Finally, as mentioned in the show, we didn’t ever come up with a name for the show. If you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments. Also any other thoughts on the show, topics or format, we’d love to hear what you have to say!


By Chris Gammell

Chris Gammell is an engineer who talks more than most other engineers. He also writes, makes videos and a couple podcasts. While analog electronics happen to be his primary interests, he also dablles in FPGAs and system level design.

6 replies on “1st Radio Show With Dave Jones of EEVBlog!”

Great to hear all that geeky guy-talk. The off-the-cuff format is a bit scattered. My suggestion is to focus in on one or two topics and limit it to 30min at most.

Hey Chris,

Great show, adding to what Fluxor mentioned I like the fact that the banter wasn't scripted but I would love to hear you guys talk about a single topic, I would love to hear the pros and cons to digital vs analog designs.

I like the off-the-cuff style and the length. Maybe you could break it up for people who like it shorter, still allowing people like me who want a long podcast to listen to them in sequence.

I really liked the part likening managing production flow to a PID control loop. That may be a model that MBAs don’t study, giving engineers extra insight.

I also liked the part about how it’s expensive to buy a fab, but I think there are two sides to that. FPGAs give you huge flexibility, and the cost of bare fabs and assy services is very low.

In the future, you might pick some hot button topics like “lie detectors”, recent disasters such as plane crashes, alternative energy, airport security, and so on, and approach them from a dispassionate engineer’s standpoint.

I really liked the podcast; I think it will be a favorite that I will listen to every episode of. I’m not sure how far down the long tail I am though.

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