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A September Update

So it’s quite apparent I haven’t been around posting too much. The date on the last post makes that pretty obvious. I have been doing some fun and exciting things though!

First off is The Amp Hour, a new electronics podcast/radio show. We just completed our 8th episode yesterday and it seems to be going well! We were very lucky to have much of Dave Jones’ wonderful community at EEVblog make the jump over and listen to us. It’s nice to have a strong base of listeners to start with and we appreciate everyone of them (I appreciate you doubly if you happen to read here as well!).

Next, I’ve been reworking my electronics lab at home, building up my gear holdings and working on some new projects. It’s been really fun, if not time consuming. All of the time that used to go towards bugging you with blog updates seems to be eaten by that activity. I know there will be lulls in the future, so I’ll try to blast out some ideas I’ve had rattling in my head when that happens. I’m really interested in a topic we discussed on The Amp Hour known as “The Creative Economy”. Basically the idea that so much equipment has become such a commodity that the only true value to add to products and services will now be based on how creative you are. It’s already started and it will only become more apparent.

And lastly, on the same note as above, I’ll be attending the Open Hardware Summit coming up in NYC. It’s right before the Maker Faire (which I won’t be able to attend unfortunately) and should give me and everyone reading this even better insight into the thing fueling much of the creative economy: open source hardware. The few days prior to OHS, I’ll be at ESC Boston doing some freelance work for EEtimes (on their EELife blog section). I’m looking forward to that as well. It was a direct result of going to the ESC in Chicago, which I’ve written about on here a few times.

So that’s it for now. Talking, doing and writing. That is my life. And I enjoy it. And I hope to share more of it with you soon, so please hang on.