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Another Engineering Podcast?!?

I’m not around here too much anymore. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, it’s just that I have so many other places to say it. And I may have added another one.

As some you may know, I’m the co-host of an electronics podcast called The Amp Hour. It’s a lot of fun and our listeners run the gamut of hobbyists to professionals. Me and Dave Jones talk about circuits and related topics weekly.

But something has happened lately. I keep trying to draw the conversation away from electronics during the show and into more general engineering topics. I enjoy talking about more general topics such as innovation and the design process. But that’s not what Amp Hour listeners want to hear, they want circuits. We’ve done a couple surveys and each time that comes through loud and clear.

So, I started a second podcast!

I’ve paired up with Jeff Shelton of Engineering Revision. He’s an experienced mechanical engineer who is back in school for his PhD at Purdue and has lots of great experiences to draw on during the show.

This is just the first episode, so we’re looking for two things:

  • Feedback on the content of the show!
  • Help naming it!

If we keep enjoy doing the show and you enjoy what we have to offer, we’ll find a more permanent home with a website and a feed. Please let us know what you think in the comments!

EDIT: I didn’t realize the widget wouldn’t allow a direct download. If you want the mp3 file all to yourself, you can download the .mp3 here directly.

By Chris Gammell

Chris Gammell is an engineer who talks more than most other engineers. He also writes, makes videos and a couple podcasts. While analog electronics happen to be his primary interests, he also dablles in FPGAs and system level design.

19 replies on “Another Engineering Podcast?!?”

I cant find a download link – only the flash app to play it in the browser. Is this intentional? I like to listen my podcasts in the car and for that I need them as MP3 (or OGG or whatever). Or is a link there and I just can't see it?

(I've now used the "Live HTTP headers" firefox extension to extract the MP3 URL but that is not a very user friendly solution. 😉

Thanks for adding the link! I've got a chance to listen to it now and have to say that I like the show very much!

Hi Chris, the "show" sounds intresting and I enjoyed the first show. If you can fit in more peoples workflows/war stories, all the better.

The newness of you working together sounded a little awkward but no more than any new show. The rapport did pick up at the end of the show.

Hey congrats on the new show! I'll have to give it a listen at work today. I'll admit I'm in the Keep The Amp Hour Focused on Circuits camp but I did find the general topics interesting when they came up. Looks like I'll have another podcast to add to my ever growing list 🙂

Awesome Chris! For us folks playing your podcasts on Androids and the like, where will we find the podcast feed…or is that still in the works?

By the way….THANKS!!!

Great show, but I would like a "engineer news" kinda section, where you could discuss articles that are relevant to engineers — Could be about education, tech news and just blazing engineering accomplishments 😀

Not enough citations or math; no mp3 markup; no autonomic background music (138bpm free jazz fill? Pitch-shifted license-appropriate Nusrat? C&W Swing interspersed with state-department license/release rock from Iran, or a parameters file merely specifying the valences you liked about pS(H1…7(mics 1 & 2)).) I just don't know. Plus there's that one person booking $300/h at work listening to the show there… There isn't even a footnote yet to say you hope for comments matched up with an audacity plugin or otherwise XPCE (XML PodCast Errata?) format (what, doesn't -everyone- have an Elsevier Grand Pass account in affiliation with their group's Engineering Library?)

Either this is the most intricate troll comment ever or the spam machines have evolved to the point where they may have spawned a T9000-esque device. Either way, I'm impressed at whatever the hell was written above!

Really great podcast! I've got a ton of electronics, programming related podcasts but nothing about mechanical engineering. Look forward to more.

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Chirs and Jeff
I liked the show
It got me thinking about the problems I have faced
I’m glad that you could out a name to these issues
I look forward to the next instalment.

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