Another site too?!?

Another website? What am I, switching out of electrical engineering and into IT?


This is the site for the podcast mentioned in the last post. We called the first episode, “Jumping Off” and the second episode is about “Feedback”. We hope you like it! Many more themes, discussions and guests are on the way in the coming months.

You can find it over at our new home, The Engineering Commons. Please consider subscribing so you can hear our shows as they are posted. Thanks for listening!

By Chris Gammell

Chris Gammell is an engineer who talks more than most other engineers. He also writes, makes videos and a couple podcasts. While analog electronics happen to be his primary interests, he also dablles in FPGAs and system level design.

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Awesome. And I'm sure the new guy will be way less cranky than Dave and just maybe a little more down to earth! You rock chris.

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