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Back in March

Taking a break from blogging until March

Hi everyone,

I know there aren’t too many concerned blog citizens out there, but I just wanted to post to say I am taking the rest of the month off from writing to take care of personal stuff (mostly my house). I would highly suggest you leave any blog post ideas you would like to see when I get back on the “skribit” widget on the right side of the page. Alternately, you can vote on suggestions that are already there. I get weekly updates on which post ideas are popular and will use those to build up my post repertoire in order of popularity (most of the time). Thanks for reading, as always, and I look forward to continuing the conversation about analog electronics and renewable energy when I get back.

~Chris Gammell

By Chris Gammell

Chris Gammell is an engineer who talks more than most other engineers. He also writes, makes videos and a couple podcasts. While analog electronics happen to be his primary interests, he also dablles in FPGAs and system level design.