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Intermission: Act 1 of 3

Posted on Aug 31, 2016

I turned 33 last week. While I have no guarantees of making it to 99, I like the idea that this birthday could potentially mark the first third of my journey to living to 99. Who knows? I could live even...

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Internet Denizenry

Posted on Apr 23, 2016

I’m rounding out a stint of travel to Serbia, Germany, the UK and am now back in the states. It has been a wonderful experience, even if I am ready for a bit of quiet at home for a while. One thing that...

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Language Barriers

Posted on Apr 6, 2016

Despite my love of words, I have never actually picked up another language. I have “studied” both French and Japanese in school for multiple years, but neither of those stuck past a few phrases and...

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