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Burning The Candle On A Third End

Hey Folks!

Because my brain decided I didn’t have enough going on already (and a healthy dose of thinking “wow, that’s a good idea” when Cherish mentioned it to me), I’ve started with a couple other engineer bloggers! I’ve already mentioned it on Twitter, but I thought I should write about it here as well.

The lineup right now is me, Cherish, Fluxor and FrauTech. ┬áBut we’re looking for more! If you’re interested, check out the “Write For Us” page on the site and fill out the form there. We have some requirements, but if you’re a good writer and have been doing it for a little while, we’d love to hear from you.

As for me, hopefully posting there on a schedule (a requirement) will get me back into the swing of posting here. If not, you can always read some of my stuff over there or just listen to my nasally voice on The Amp Hour. Hope you enjoy the new site!

I’m at the Open Hardware Summit!

I’m spending the day at the New York Hall of Science. It’s amazing. The venue is perfect. The swag from the OHS people and sponsors is so cool. I’m completely smitten with everyone here. I’m kind of reverting to a childhood state I’m so excited.


Well, because this feels like the beginning of something much much bigger than me and that I get to watch it unfold in front of me. And participate, that’s key as well. And since I looked for a while for people online and failed and new get to sit in a room with 200 people that do hardware, it gets me excited. These are my people. My nerdy, awesome people.

Don’t get me wrong, open source hardware has been going on for a while. This is not new. But this is getting bigger and from chaos we are seeing order emerge. The open source hardware standard will be worked on and released at the end of this conference. You can view the 0.3 version on the Open Hardware Summit page.

I’m writing this mid-way through the day. We’ve already heard from Limor Fried from Adafruit and Gerald Coley from BeagleBoard. I can’t wait to hear more and hope to post them all here soon.

I’m on EETimes!

So I’ve been at ESC Boston since Monday, both as a participant and as a writer. It’s been a really cool experience meeting a lot of people in the technical writing field and a lot in the publishing industry (as well as those in the technical side of things, of course). And today for the first time, I was published in EETimes on the EELife section. Check out a couple of my articles, linked below.

Any comments can be left here or on the specific article pages.

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