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Colorado is another area of the US that has a strong technical presence and could be a good place for an electrical engineer to look for employment

Dr. Dave from was nice enough to drop me a note recently. He is also in the field of analog electronics, but much more experienced and has written some really solid technical articles (such as this recent one about low noise discrete amplifiers).

He also mentioned that a friend of his (Bruce Gammill, no relation) was the chairman of a group dedicated to promoting Colorado’s tech region. While I’m not here to say whether the area is the next silicon valley or anything, I do appreciate the fact that it is another resource available for electrical engineers. Specifically, the “beta” section of the site shows a wonderful map of all the companies that are located on the 40 mile corridor from Denver to Fort Collins.

The reason I even mention this at all is that my previous post about where the technical areas are in the US completely glossed over the state of Colorado. While I blame my primitive search capabilities and the fact that the informal survey was based only one who is hiring now, I think it’s still important to point out where there are potential jobs for electrical engineers (and others!). Thankfully readers both here and on the ECE thread of reddit where I sometimes plug my posts were sure to point this fact out to me.

Does anyone know of other “chamber of commerce” type organizations that promote other technical areas in the US or even abroad? Having information about relevant companies in the same location can be a powerful tool for any job search. Using targeted company searches and good job hunting/interviewing techniques, the time searching for a job can be cut down considerably. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s tips!

By Chris Gammell

Chris Gammell is an engineer who talks more than most other engineers. He also writes, makes videos and a couple podcasts. While analog electronics happen to be his primary interests, he also dablles in FPGAs and system level design.

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Are you concerned that your current employer may misinterpret your posts to mean that you are not happy there and are looking to leave?

Hi Russ. I don't think that is how they would be construed. If they were thought of that way, I'd hope they'd at least ask, but if they were to make a snap judgement as such, that might be a bad sign in the first place, right?

For the record, I really like my job. In fact just today I was telling my boss about how I like how I can learn much more at work than in a university setting. Without skipping a beat he said I could work as many more hours that I want 🙂

HI Chris,

Enjoyed seeing your note about Colorado SIlicon Network:it’s been a heck of a project.

But like you I was miffed that no one had ever done anything for this state’s ICT sector. But IT or ICT is the “enabling technology” that allows everything else to happen. Colorado’s biggest export is “chips”. Not oil and not agriculture, as most would assume. We have 5 times as many chip related (design, test, application) jobs as in the largest similar concentration in all of Europe (our best kept secret). That place is the southwest of England.

CSN has forged a collaboration with my old region in the UK (See SiliconSouthwest) and, prior to them, in the South of France (see Provence Promotion or Mobile Valley). We, three, regions want to be very international in our cross-promotional and collaboration of developing knowledge based networks. In the end all three regions prosper. Places such as DSP Valley in Leuven, Belgium and the Rhone Alps (Grenoble, home to ST Micro) hope to join us.

You and your readers should please feel fee to call meif you want to know more about Colorado or CSN: Bruce Gammill (970-631-8722) in Fort Collins CO

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