My Electronics Workbench

Posted on Mar 14, 2011

Aside from the 555 contest I mentioned in my last post, my February was spent building the workbench I drew in Google Sketchup. It was built partially for The Amp Hour, partially for circuits I plan on...

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So Chris, Where Have You Been?

Posted on Dec 30, 2010

Well,  a lot of places. But not around here too much. And when I’ve been here, it hasn’t been the most in-depth writing I’ve ever done (except my unusually thought out post comparing...

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Recruiting In An Emerging Age Of Makers

Posted on Oct 9, 2010

I’ve started reading resumes from the bottom up. What does this mean? It means I’m looking for passion. It means I’m looking for interest. It means I look for people who do electronics for...

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